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Welcome To The Worst Site On't Web-- Pearls of Wisdom From The Fantasmologicaly Splendiferous George 'Dubya' Bush- Straight From His Arse To You! Bushisms Galore!!!

Yea, They Drilled In Here

• "Put The Off Button On."

• "Our Priorities Is Our Faith."

• "It's Your Money. You Paid For It."

• "I Think War Is A Dangerous Place."

• "I Don't Need To Be Subliminabable."

• "I'm A Follower Of American Politics."

• "I Think We Agree- The Past Is Over."

• "I'm The Master Of Low Expectations."

• "For NASA, Space Is Still A High Priority." No Shit Sherlock!

• "They Have Miscalculated Me As A Leader."

• "I Am A Pitbull On The Pantleg Of Opportunity."

• "This Foreign Policy Stuff Is A Little Frustrating."

• "I Understand Small Business Growth. I Was One."

• "Welcome To Mrs. Bush And My Fellow Astronauts."

• "The French Don't Have A Word For 'Entrepreneur'."

• "It's Clearly A Budget. It's Got A Lot Of Numbers In It"

• "Will The Highways On The Internet Become More Few?"

• "We Need An Energy Bill That Encourages Consumption."

• "In My Sentences I Go Where No Man Has Gone Before."

• "I Am A Person Who Recognises The Fallacy Of Humans."

• "Rarely Is The Question Asked: Is Our Children Learning?"

• "Sometimes When I Sleep At Night I Think Of 'Hop On Pop'."

"• Iran Would Be Dangerous If They Have A Nuclear Weapon."

Mind Control Tactics To Win Support?• "I Know The Human Being And Fish Can Coexist Peacefully."

• "The Indians And The Paki's Should Learn To Live In Peace."

• "I Know How Hard It Is For You To Put Food On Your Family."

• "We Are Ready For Any Unforeseen Event That May Not Occur"

• "I Hope You Leave Here And Walk Out And Say, 'What Did He Say?'"

• "Families Is Where Our Nation Finds Hope, Where Wings Take Dream."

• "It's A World Of Madmen And Uncertainty And Potential Mental Losses."

• "We're Going To Have The Best Educated American People In The World"

• "Low Voter Turnout Is An Indication Of Fewer People Going To The Polls."

• "Sure, I Know About Europe. I've Seen The TV Shows. I'm A Fan, Definite."

• "The Most Important Job Is Not To Be Governor, Or First Lady In My Case."

• ''I Had No Idea We Had So Many Weapons ... What Do We Need Them For?''

• "A Dictatorship Would Be A Hell Of A Lot Easier, There's No Question About It."

• "If Affirmative Action Means What I Just Described What I'm For, Then I'm For It."

• "We're Concerned About AIDS Inside Our White House- Make No Mistake About It." Well Bill Clinton Did Leave A Legacy To Clean Up

• "It's No Exaggeration To Say That The Undecideds Could Go One Way Or Another."

• "The Point Is, This Is A Way To Help Inoculate Me About What Has Come And Is Coming."

• "One Of The Great Things About Books Is, Sometimes There Are Some Fantastic Pictures."

• "A Surplus Means There'll Be Money Left Over. Otherwise, It Wouldn't Be Called A Surplus."

• "Like You, I Have Been Disgraced About What I've Seen On TV That Took Place In Prison."

• "I Wish I Wasn't The War President. Who In The Heck Wants To Be A War President? I Don't."

• "We Cannot Let Terriers And Rogue Nations Hold This Nation Hostile Or Hold Our Allies Hostile.''

• "I Mentioned Early On That I Recognise There Are Hurdles, And We're Going To Achieve Those Hurdles."

• "I'm Honored To Shake The Hand Of A Brave Iraqi Citizen Who Had His Hand Cut Off By Saddam Hussein."

• "Let Me Put It To You Bluntly. In A Changing World, We Want More People To Have Control Over Your Own Life."

Christ Almighty...

• "Our Enemies Are Innovative And Resourceful - And So Are We. They Never Stop Thinking About New Ways To Harm Our Country And Our People - And Neither Do We."

• "I Do Not Believe We Have Put A Guilty- I Mean Innocent- Person To Death In The State Of Texas." Right First Time? Or Freudian Slip?

• "God Loves You, And I Love You. And You Can Count On Both Of Us As A Powerful Message That People Who Wonder About Their Future Can Hear."

• "It Is Clear Our Nation Is Reliant Upon Big Foreign Oil. More And More Of Our Imports Are Coming From Overseas."

• "They Said This Issue Wouldn't Resignate With The People. They've Been Proved Wrong, It Does Resignate."

• "We're Going To Have A White House Forum There In Washington, D.C., Obviously- That's Where The White House Is ..."

• "First, Let Me Make It Very Clear, Poor People Aren't Necessarily Killers. Just Because You Happen To Be Not Rich Doesn't Mean You're Willing To Kill."

• "We Spent A Lot Of Time Talking About Africa, As We Should. Africa Is A Nation That Suffers From Incredible Disease."

• "For Every Fatal Shooting, There Were Roughly Three Non-Fatal Shootings. And, Folks, This Is Unacceptable In America. It's Just Unacceptable. And We're Going To Do Something About It."

• "Natural Gas Is Hemispheric. I Like To Call It Hemispheric In Nature Because It Is A Product That We Can Find In Our Neighbourhoods."

• "We Ended The Rule Of One Of History's Worst Tyrants, And In So Doing, We Not Only Freed The American People, We Made Our Own People More Secure."

• "I Want To Thank The Astronauts Who Are With Us, The Courageous Spacial Entrepreneurs Who Set Such A Wonderful Example For The Young Of Our Country."

• "This Is Preservation Month. I Appreciate Preservation. It's What You Do When You Run For President. You Gotta Preserve."

• "The War On Terror Involves Saddam Hussein Because Of The Nature Of Saddam Hussein, The History Of Saddam Hussein, And His Willingness To Terrorise Himself."

• "States Should Have The Right To Enact Reasonable Laws And Restrictions Particularly To End The Inhumane Practice Of Ending A Life That Otherwise Could Live."

• "Mr. Vice President, In All Due Respect, It Is- I'm Not Sure 80% Of The People Get The Death Tax. I Know This: 100% Will Get It If I'm The President." We're All Going To Die!

• "I've Been Talking To Vincente Fox, The President Of Mexico... I Know Him.. To Have Gas And Oil Sent To Us... So We'll Not Depend On Foreign Oil."

• "I Have Said That The Sanction Regime [On Iraq] Is Like Swiss Cheese, That Meant That They Weren't Very Effective."

• "This Campaign Not only Hears The Voices Of the Entrepreneurs And The Farmers And The Entrepreneurs, We Hear The Voices Of Those Struggling To Get Heard."

• "Actually, I-This Might Sound A Little West Texan To You, But I Like It. When I'm Talking About- When I'm Talking About Myself, And When He's Talking About Myself, All Of Us Are Talking About Me."

• "It's Important For Us To Explain To Our Nation That Life Is Important. It's Not Only Life Of Babies, But It's Life Of Children Living In, You Know, The Dark Dungeons Of The Internet."

• "Well, I Think If You Know What You Believe, It Makes It A Lot Easier To Answer Questions: I Cant Answer Your Question."

• "We Have A Firm Commitment To NATO, We Are A Part Of NATO. We Have A Firm Commitment To Europe. We Are A Part Of Europe." Is That Why You Tried To Offer Turkey EU Membership?

• "The Fundamental Question Is, 'Will I Be A Successful President When It Comes To Foreign Policy?' I Will Be, But Until I'm The President, It's Going To Be Hard For Me To Verify That I Think I'll Be More Effective."

• "More Muslims Have Died At The Hands Of Killers Than — I Say More Muslims — A Lot Of Muslims Have Died — I Don't Know The Exact Count — At Istanbul. Look At These Different Places Around The World Where There's Been Tremendous Death And Destruction Because Killers Kill."

• "You Know, Let Me Talk About Al-Qaeda Just For A Second. I Made The Statement That We're Dismantling Senior Management, And We Are. Our People Have Done A Really Good Job Of Hauling In A Lot Of The Key Operators. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. Abu Zubaida. Ramzi-Ramzi Alshibh Or Whatever That Guy's Name Was."

• "The Recession Started Upon My Arrival. It Could Have Been — Some Say February, Some Say March, Some Speculate Maybe Earlier It Started — But Nevertheless, It Happened As We Showed Up Here. The Attacks On Our Country Affected Our Economy. Corporate Scandals Affected The Confidence Of People And Therefore Affected The Economy. My Decision On Iraq, This Kind Of March To War, Affected The Economy."

• "The March To War Affected The People's Confidence. It's Hard To Make Investment. See, If You're A Small Business Owner Or A Large Business Owner And You're Thinking About Investing, You've Got To Be Optimistic When You Invest. Except When You're Marching To War, It's Not A Very Optimistic Thought, Is It? In Other Words, It's The Opposite Of Optimistic When You're Thinking You're Going To War."

• "We Will Make Sure Our Troops Have All That Is Necessary To Complete Their Missions. That's Why I Went To The Congress Last September And Proposed Fundamental — Supplemental Funding, Which Is Money For Armor And Body Parts And Ammunition And Fuel."

"Public Speaking Is Very Easy"

And What Does This Word Mean?

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